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Financial Planning Services and Products

Safe Harbor Financial Group offers you the unique experience to help you to understand and make the right decision when it comes to your personal financial life. From estate planning to tax planning to personal financial management, our hands-on approach helps you manage your financial life in an increasingly complex and challenging environment.

Services offered include:

  • Retirement Accumulation Strategies - To help enable you to reach your retirement goals and live the lifestyle you desire.
  • Retirement Income Distribution Strategies - To help provide the income you need.
  • Investment management - Active portfolio management through asset allocation and prudent investment selection can improve portfolio performance and help manage risk during challenging economic conditions.
  • Income Tax Strategies - For tax-efficient savings and portfolio distributions.
  • Estate Planning Strategies - To ensure that your family is protected, your financial goals are met after you are gone and to take care of you in the event of an incapacity.
  • Stock Option Analysis - Strategies to exercise options and estimate resulting taxation.
  • Life Insurance Review - To ensure that your life insurance coverage is in alignment with your current financial needs
  • Financial Second Opinion - A second opinion can help you determine if your portfolio is properly designed to achieve your goals, and affords you the opportunity to make necessary changes before it is too late.